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    Post by EnjoyChunksSon on Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:19 pm





    How many hours u willing to play?:4

    Are you free during the weekend?Yes

    Why Do u wana become staff?I want to become staff because there are many things that the server needs and i like to help out small servers

    What do u know about RPG type servers?Nothing i am sorry

    What Rank would u Apply?Any but admin would be great

    How many long have u Played on the server?:about 1hour 10 minutes

    Do you have any experience in staff?:Yes i own a server and i am staff  on many others

    Whats your Specialty?:
    (Like what can u do best Building,Redstone ect)Plugins 

    Do u have Skype?:Yes it is beaster1098

    Tell somthing about you?I dont like when people curse

    Have u knowlege about plugins?Yes i have alot and alot of knowledge

    Other Info:I can be on the server weekends and weekdays

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